Jeffrey LaLande regional politics and culture collection


Jeffrey LaLande regional politics and culture collection


Politics and culture


The collection relates to extremist movements in 2004. Jeff compiled the items in this collection during the past fifteen years. He collected the materials because of his personal and academic interest in the subjects, especially far-right, political and religious extremist movements, as well as other miscellaneous aspects of southwestern Oregon’s very recent/current political and cultural history.
This collection includes some historical materials that may imply negative representations, stereotypes, or expressions of racism toward the peoples discussed in the documents. Hannon Library Special Collections and University Archives advocate the scholarly examination of objects of intolerance to teach tolerance and promote social justice. These documents have been included as part of the historical record and should not be interpreted to mean that the Hannon Library or the project staff endorse or approve of the representations or stereotypes implied.


LaLande, Jeffrey M., Dr., 1947-


MSS 006 Jeffrey M. LaLande regional politics and culture collection


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Collection Items

Truth Tract No. 3 - Abolish The King Holiday
A page arguing for the repeal of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

National Woodlands Magazine
The cover page of the National Woodlands Magazine - July 1991 issue.

Clan Dyken
An advertisement for the "Dance Frenzy Eco Rock Out Full Tilt Boogie Celebration" benefit gathering.

Klamath Basin Bucket Brigade advertisement
An advertisement for a peaceful protest in response to the Klamath Water Basin Crisis

What's Behind the New World Order
The cover page of a pamphlet about the 'New World Order"

Second Amendment Poster
A poster from the National Association to Keep and Bear Arms showing the details of the Second Amendment

The American's Bulletin vol 13 - issue 8
The cover of the August 1994 issue of "The American's Bulletin"
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