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Peter Britt


Peter Britt was a Swiss immigrant who came to Jacksonville, Oregon, in 1852. Here he married, had children, and started a photography business where he documented the life, landscape, and people of Southern Oregon. He would become one of the most accomplished photographers in the history of Oregon. Britt also dabbled in painting, horticulture and winemaking, meteorology, and property management.

Research more about Britt's life and work here and here.

Needed: Virtual Volunteers!

1884 Belle Anderson.pdf

Special Collections holds several handwritten documents created between 1880 and 1939 that need transcribing. Among them are the Francis G. Swedenburg papers, the Walter Phillips papers, and the Anderson - Phillips family papers. Materials document the experiences of Dr. Swedenburg and the Anderson - Phillips family. How their lives were affected by WWI's bitter conflict and the Spanish Flu may be of particular interest.

Hannon Library seeks to make these materials keyword-searchable and more comfortable to read for student researchers and local historians. In transcribing these documents, Hannon Library hopes volunteers will help make the materials more accessible, engage with our collections, and feel a connection with Special Collections.

Anyone can participate in the transcription effort. Special Collections' staff will review the completed transcriptions. The approved transcription will be available alongside the original document.

Primary Sources

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A Primary Source provides first-hand information about an event, object, person, or study. The person creating the materials witnessed or experienced the event. Examples include diaries, oral histories, eyewitness accounts, and interviews.

Natural History

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The environment of Southern Oregon is a defining aspect of our region's heritage. Natural areas like the Rogue River, the Cascades, and the Siskiyou Mountains predate human settlement and therefore chronicle millions of years of natural history. Through Special Collections & University Archives, you will unearth the past, present, and future of Southern Oregon's natural resources, ecology, and environmental management. View the journals and photography of local naturalists, maps, and original research conducted by local scholars.