Applegate River, near Star Ranger Station

Watersheds are areas of land where precipitation, snow melt, brooks, streams, and tributaries flow into a common outlet such as a river, reservoir, or lake. They vary in size, depending on their location, and consist of an area's total surface and groundwater. Ecologically, they affect the aquatic, terrestrial, and social qualities of an area through stream flow which is why governance and management are needed to protect them.

The Anthony Netboy papers include manuscripts and articles written by a Natural Resource Authority from 1930-1972. Netboy's work focuses on water use and damming activities.

The George Duggar map collection contains over 100 maps of Oregon and California ranging in date from 1863-2001. Topics include water resources such as watersheds, intermittent and perennial streams, lakes, fish passages, and water use created by the U.S. Geological Survey and local city councils.

The Jeffrey M. Lalande papers include original research, manuscripts, articles, and letters written by a retired Forest Ranger from 1982-2001. Lalande's work focuses on the Applegate River Watershed.

The Rogue River National Forest records include reports, articles, images, and letters regarding water quality, use, and resources in the Rogue Valley and Rogue River National Forest from 1982-2011.