Personal writings and stories

Dr. Swedenburg's journals

Personal writings and stories offer a window into the life of the author and their daily experiences. Personal Narratives, Interviews, and Oral Histories typically focus on a single event or time. Diaries and journals can cover several years. Materials are often handwritten and can be challenging to read. For this reason, typed transcripts may accompany the original documents.

Francis G. Swedenburg's papers include several journals spanning 1890-1937. Dr. Swedenburg wrote brief daily entries to document the medical care he provided. The logs offer information concerning the medical profession in southern Oregon during the Great Depression.

Margery Bailey's handwritten diary covers January-May of 1963. Margery writes mostly about work, mentioning various papers and projects she is working on at Stanford University.

Kay Atwood SOU oral history collection includes interviews of Southern Oregon State College employees. The discussions recount the professors' experience, personal life, and views of Southern Oregon State College.

Rogue River National Forest records include the personal memoirs and personal remembrances of retired Forest Service personnel.

Catie Faryl collection of heritage agriculture includes personal stories concerning southern Oregon during the 1960s and 1970s.

Personal writings and stories