Dr. Swedenburg's Journal

Dr. Swendenburgs' journals provide information on daily life in 1918, during the Spanish Flu pandemic and focus on the southern Oregon area. The journals are handwritten and difficult to read. The pages are arranged by month. The image caption notes indicate which pages still require transcribing.

To transcribe Dr. Swedenburg's journal pages 

  • Transcribe original spelling, punctuation, word order, and any page numbers or catalog marks.
  • Preserve line breaks except when a word breaks over a line or page. Then transcribe it on the line or page where it starts.
  • Use brackets [ ] around deleted, illegible or partially legible text, and square brackets and asterisks around any writing in margins [ * * ].
  • Transcribe any words or letters you can't identify as [?].
  • Include insertions where you would read them in the text.

Contact Becca Evans at evansr@sou.edu for more information.