How to Transcribe

How to begin transcribing

  1. Select an item with the caption reading "Transcription needed." Pages that are partially transcribed will have the areas indicated.
  2. Email Becca Evans at to confirm the material is available. Becca will email a transcription template using MS Word. The materials caption will change to "In Progress."
  3. Submit your finished transcription to Becca Evans as an email attachment. Finished pages will have a caption stating "Complete."

Contact Becca Evans at for more information. 

Transcribe the letters and journal pages as follows:

  • Transcribe original punctuation, word order, and any page numbers or catalog marks.
  • Preserve line breaks except when a word breaks over a line or page. Then transcribe it on the line or page where it starts.
  • Correct spelling when necessary.
  • Use brackets [ ] around deleted, illegible, or partially legible text, and square brackets and asterisks around any writing in margins [ * * ].
  • Transcribe any words or letters you can't identify as [?].
  • Include insertions where you would read them in the text.
How to Transcribe