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  • Collection: Dennis M. Powers maritime papers

Cresent City Street View.jpg
The photographs document the 1964 tsunami in Crescent City, CA. and can be paired with personal narratives such as Peggy Sullivan's."The water was so swift that I couldn't hold on to my son [Gary, 9], and he was swept away. I fell with the baby…

Crescent City Home.jpg
"When daylight began to creep in, I could see that one whole corner of the room had been tore off. I could see rocks and mud outside. In all, my home had traveled three blocks," Mabel Martin. Mabel was in bed with the flu when the tsunami arrived.…

Crescent City Fire.jpg
"One of the 50,000-gallon tanks of the Bulk Tank Farm was a barrel of flames and smoke," Bill Whippo. "I was swimming through the tops of willowy trees...I can't remember being so cold and so tired." Bill Whippo moved to Crescent City from Ancorage…

Crescent City Dock.jpg
"When the tsunami assalted the shore, it was like a violent explosion. Everywhere we looked, buildings, cars, lumber, and boats shifted around like crazy. The whole beachfront moved, changing before our eyes," Peggy Coons, lighthouse keeper.
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