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Hungerford letter.JPG
A personal letter from the poet Theodore Philip Stephanides to SOU professor Edward Hungerford

Western Horned Owl.jpg
Sid Carter's handwriten notes advise that this bird 'Should be killed on sight'

Bird Sightings.JPG
A page from Carl Richardson's Field notes records sightings and bird banding, noting the date, species, and weather.

A page from Carl Richardson's Field notes listing traps used at the bird banding station in Prospect.

Oral Histories.jpg
Interviews of past and present professors of the Southern Oregon State College. The interviews covered the professors’ education, post-graduate experience, background and personal life, and their views on Southern Oregon State College.

Bailey Diary.jpg
Margery Bailey's handwritten diary begins on January 1st and ends on May 29, 1963. Margery notes the weather and writes mostly about work, mentioning various papers and projects she is working on at Stanford University. On weekends she writes about…

Lithia Park.jpg
The colored slide depicts a fountain located in Ashland's Lithia Park.

Historic building
The colored slide depicts a building presumably located in the southern Oregon area.

Early Traffic Signs.jpg
An advertisement for lighted traffic signs. The traffic signs were designed by Vetabelle Carter.

1884-09-14 Sister Sarah.pdf
A letter addressed to sister Sarah. The writer notes daily life and her employment as a dress maker. The writer also asks if Sarah plans to attend college in the winter.
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