Dear brother and all


Dear brother and all


History, Local


A letter from Lena to her brother.


Phillips, Lena Anderson


MSS 049 Anderson - Phillips family papers


Southern Oregon University. Library


June 12, 1895


Anderson, George Nathaniel


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MSS 063 Walter Phillips papers


personal correspondence






Anderson - Phillips family papers, MSS 049


Page #1
Line 1: The City of Seattle
Line 2: Board of Public Works
Line 3: Seattle, Washington June 12, 1895
Line 4: 525 Market Street
Line 5: Dear Brother and All,
Line 6: Your welcome letter
Line 7: received a short time ago.
Line 8: Many thanks for your prompt answers
Line 9: as it was very necessary as to our future
Line 10: [?]. Your ask for how long a time
Line 11: and the business. It was groceries. But as
Line 12: we failed to raise the money. We have
Line 13: abandoned that idea for the present, he will
Line 14: go to work with the County Surveyors who begin
Line 15: work the last of this month, it but as I was the means of his selling out and leaving
Line 16: Okanogan [?] where he was making a living
Line 17: because I objected to his business. I felt it
Line 18: my duty to try and assist him in getting
Line 19: in to other employment.
Line 20: Indeed George I do not wish to work a
Line 21: hardship on you or [?], and we do not
Line 22: intend to impose on you in the future any
Line 23: more than we have in the past.

Page # 2
Line 1: We certainly intend to pay you interest the
Line 2: same as others have to do. It was only [?]
Line 3: we wanted it and would return it as soon before
Line 4: the expiration of that time as possible.
Line 5: We have been having heavy rain
Line 6: and windstorms for the past week with
Line 7: some snow, but for all the grass is as green
Line 8: in our yard as in summer time, and
Line 9: the willows are putting forth their buds
Line 10: and it looks quite like spring time
Line 11: the sun is warm and pleasant when the wind
Line 12: does not blow. The white caps are rolling
Line 13: high high on the sound and the small boats
Line 14: are tossed about like feathers in a summer
Line 15: breeze, it is nice to stand and look at
Line 16: but I don’t care to be on the water in
Line 17: such a gale.
Line 18: We all send best wishes and love to all.
Line 19: Hope you are all enjoying good health as when
Line 20: you last wrote.
Line 21: Write soon.
Line 22: Most lovingly Lena

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personal correspondence


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Phillips, Lena Anderson, “Dear brother and all,” Hannon Library Online Exhibits, accessed November 26, 2021,

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