Dear Dora and husband


Dear Dora and husband


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A letter signed E.N.A. to Dora.


Anderson, Elizabeth Nessby (Myer)


MSS 049 Anderson - Phillips family papers


Southern Oregon University. Library


February 5, 1898


Wight, Dora Elizabeth


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MSS 063 Walter Phillips papers


personal correspondence






Anderson - Phillips family papers, MSS 049


Page #1
Line 1: Saturday Feb 5, 1898
Line 2: Dear Dora & Husband
Line 3: Don’t think for a moment
Line 4: your letters are irksome, we are always
Line 5: glad of hearing the blessed opportunity
Line 6: of knowing how you all are, and so
Line 7: pleasantly and comfortably situated
Line 8: we think your letters are excellent it seems
Line 9: we were just there, Milton is so very
Line 10: considerate of you always. Would that
Line 11: our other two married daughters were so
Line 12: comfortably provided for by their beloved
Line 13: husbands. I do not see as we can help it
Line 14: so they have to do the best they can, Lena
Line 15: has written once since her babe was born
Line 16: in September last she and all the family,
Line 17: were well. They were having some colds but
Line 18 had a better warmer house than last winter
Line 19: Verner & Veta are at school Verner were in

Page #2
Line 1: a letter sometime ago Veta has to help at
Line 2: home some, does not go quite as [re] regular
Line 3: as Verner Walter is working in the mines
Line 4: ½ of the time night shifts & ½ time day
Line 5: shifts, it is pretty hard to make a living that
Line 6: way for a family, wish it was so we could
Line 7: help them some [?] Sadie George has
Line 8: written before this Belle is here, came down
Line 9: 2 weeks ago tonight, will go to town tomorrow
Line 10: with Pa Old Mr. Hammond (P. Master) is to
Line 11: be buried tomorrow Melvina Naylor Phillips
Line 12: is dead also they lived in Reno Nevada
Line 13: he worked on R.R cars Grandma Morton
Line 14: died last week Willie [Gass] sister [Fowler’s]
Line 15: only boy died in Africa where he has been
Line 16: for sometime have not heard the particulars
Line 17: he was about 2 years old when his father
Line 18: died & have nursed and amused him
Line 19: many a time, poor dear boy, you know [Jessie]
Line 20: Glenn is married some time ago lives in Ohio
Line 21: ago I believe, [W.L] Wallace Cortez brother in law
Line 22: Cortez was partnership in store in Ohio is
Line 23: dead, all and Lizzie’s sisters are gone except one

Page #3
Line 1: and one brother she had 4 or 5 sisters and 2 brothers
Line 2: [Gronces] & Mr. Rillings have both been confined
Line 3: to the hours for a week or more with colds, are
Line 4: now able to be out Willie and wife and little
Line 5: boy & Cortez are well [Estays] with them now
Line 6: as has been for some time they all are getting
Line 7: along very happily and comfortably Will’s
Line 8: boy is a very pretty sweet child, Clay Myers is in
Line 9: Seattle Eel is in Ashland, A.G. Rockfellow is
Line 10: staying on the creek in the lower rooms, in the
Line 11: house, the girls had millinery store Sarah
Line 12: is in San Diego when Eugene and family
Line 13: lives but has the rooms they had when [C. G.]
Line 14: was there last winter. Milo Walker is staying at
Line 15: Tolmans springs with Old man Tolman I don’t
Line 16: know what Cash is doing uncle John is about
Line 17: the some almost blind caused from drink
Line 18: sister M. A is well as usual Anna is living
Line 19: out in Lake County she & husband have a farm
Line 20: and stock there comes in 1 or 2 a year has
Line 21: a babe I think she has 3 the oldest is quite
Line 22: sickly something like Milo, but is gone to Alaska
Line 23: the boys are with Nathy the old Lady is in Portland

Page #4
Line 1: with [Sela?], Oat is gone the children are growing
Line 2: and going to school seem to like going are learning
Line 3: Everything keeps a head of Crit but she has someone
Line 4: to assist her the boys have to depend on the
Line 5: teacher, you were talking of Cook Book you are right
Line 6: keep it, he may be using the recipes out of it
Line 7: and thinks you will not know, but as he’s doing
Line 8: so well working say nothing about the Book. So it
Line 9: is not so lonely this winter glad you have such
Line 10: congenial Company, must close Belle & Pa
Line 11: are in bed we have 2 hired men are not going to
Line 12: rent this year put it in grains not so much work.
Line 13: I hope to hear again soon the last 2 letters
Line 14: was an agreeable surprise we each was the last
Line 15: for this winter as ever yours with best
Line 16: wishes and prayers for both’s happiness
Line 17: prosperity and great health how is Millies
Line 18: eyes. Hope all well good night
Line 19: E.M.A.

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